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Перспективы криптовалюты ocn. Криптовалюта Odyssey (OCN) — общая информация


    This is a decentralized economy project based on OCN digital tokens.

    Ее преимущество заключается в том, чтобы сделать маркетплейсы более эффективными, а после сделать доход поставщиков выше, а также продвинуть услуги пиринговой системы и экономики совместного пользования. Перспектива криптовалюты odyssey такова, что в дальнейшем создатели хотят разработать отличную экономику совместного проекта.

    It focuses on decreasing general operating costs, improving the efficiency of the market, as well as improving the profitability of sales of services and goods. According to the legislation, profits of such organizations can be used for paying salaries, conducting events, and improving activity of the project.

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    There you can always find the latest news related to перспективы криптовалюты ocn cryptocurrency. The main news of the ecosystem is that since Novemberthe company will hold a bonus program for OCNEx users on a quarterly basis and burn some OCP tokens.

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    However, on 13th of May, the airdrop date was announced: it was planned on autumn After that, massive price decrease was observed. Honestly speaking, we have suspicions that the developers have planned everything in advance and sold the coins at a good price before the dump.

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    • Заключение Что такое криптовалюта Odyssey OCN Криптовалюта Odyssey OCN — это цифровой токен платформы, которая хочет создать децентрализованную экономику совместного доступа следующего поколения и Peer to Peer экосистему.
    • Проект обеспечивает совместный рабочий доступ следующего поколения, а также Peer to Peer-экосистему.
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    Or maybe the developers wrongly foresaw the outcome of their actions. Nevertheless, we think that the company has a powerful team and can show good results in future.

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    Of course, TRX is a non-ideal cryptocurrency, but it ranks 12th place by market cap and has a strong team. The airdrop will still occur.

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    The first drop is planned on 31th of August with total distribution periods of 50 months; The developers plan to open OCN-based cryptocurrency exchange it will be potentially called OCNex. The developers are socially active, they communicate with users, periodically create pools, votings, etc.

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    The team has a lot of plans up towhich means that the crypto is an asset for long-term investments, which has перспективы криптовалюты ocn yet shown everything that it is capable of. However, there are a number of factors that significantly limit the potential of the project.

    Among them are: The summer price drop, which scared away many investors. Therefore, we think that in and the coin will not reach summer peak prices.

    перспективы криптовалюты ocn

    You can see our price forecasts below.